Composite Paddles are the best

Composite over Graphite Paddles

What are the potential benefits of composite pickleball paddle?

Want to buy a perfect pickleball paddle? There are thousands of pickleball paddle to choose from. Pickleball has become favorite pass time activity that is adopted by developed countries. Pickleball paddle is almost similar to the table tennis and other ones that require the experience and top-notch skills as well. Most of the pickleball players are looking for the best racquets. Everyone person is looking for the best paddle that will improve the game and skills as well. Make sure that you are buying the perfect paddle that will assist you in placing the accurate paddle.

Have you ever played pickleball paddle? It is a top-notch game that will improve the health, fitness and a lot of important things as well. Make sure that you are playing the game with perfect equipment. When it comes to the pickleball paddle, you will have to buy the ideal selkirk paddles to play pickleball that would be beneficial for you in the long run.

You must buy the paddle that is made from the top-notch material. You should keep reading the article and observe the benefits of the composite paddle.

Core material

After buying the composite paddle, you can obtain the top-notch material in the reasonable worth. The best thing is that it is specially made for the professional players only. Most of the composite companies are providing the honeycomb structure that is used for the powerful shots only. There are three types of cores are available in the market. If you are buying the composite paddle, then you can obtain unbelievable cores. It will absorb the less energy and will improve the fitness.

Made from Aluminum

Most of the composite paddles are made from the aluminum cores. Is it beneficial? Well, if you want to play the tricky shots, then it can perfect paddle for you. Make sure that you are choosing the right company that will be delivered best composite material.

Even you can place the best shots without struggling much. It is an unbelievable paddle that will help you in placing the tricky shots. You should check out the best pickleball paddle reviews and ratings from Picky pickleball.


Are you familiar with a wood paddle? Most of the composite companies are providing the paddle in the form of the paddle. Nowadays, you can find quality and solid paddle from the market. Thousands of the casual players prefer such paddle because it will improve the strategies and game as well. No doubt, it is heavy paddle as compared to the peers.


8 ounces paddle would be perfect for every player, and the best thing is that composite paddles are made from the wood.  Almost, most of the paddles range from the 6 to 8 ounces weight. Make sure that you are choosing the paddles, according to your needs. Whether it is lightweight or heavy paddle, it will improve the skills and strategies as well. Especially, if you have any kind of injury, then you should prefer such a paddle.

Which is best for you ?

If you are new to game you can choose the wooden paddles and if you are an intermediate
 you can opt for the composite paddle for a good reason that it durable and great for smashes and power.

Types of Paddles

Wooden Paddles

Great for beginners.

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Graphite Paddles

Good for spin and Control

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Composite paddles

Overall Great

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Which Paddle is for you ?

Composite paddles are the most prefered over graphite paddles

About Us

About Us
Pickleball is a fairly new sport (for the canada). On Friday afternoon, 1 March 2013, the first game on our locality was played on Java Island in Los Angeles! Meanwhile, we are an active pickleball group in LA, Texas, Washington D.C,Toronto, Montreal, Michigan, Seatle and Boston. New initiatives are actively supported by the pickleball association.

Every year in March the Local Championships and every two years there is a big international tournament that is being held in LA.
In the USA, the number of pickleball players has grown explosively over the last few years to millions of players and there are now clubs and jobs everywhere.

We are working hard to spread the pickleball craze further across the Canada. As a sport for all ages to play fanatically and at high level or recreational to old age. Pickleball is a sport for everyone, all ages and all levels! The reactions from participants are enthusiastic! It is easy to learn and you have a lot of fun.
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